Day 118 – Help a Mother Out

Lately we have been spending a lot of time on the soccer field. Kendal not only plays in his local rec league, he is playing for a team in Blacksburg too. It has been a great experience and we have met so many great new people!

Two weeks ago we had games in Blacksburg. As par the course for us most weekends, Cesar and I had to divide and conquer. He went to Kings Dominion with Mia and my mom and I took Luna and Kendal to Blacksburg for soccer. 

We have been blessed to join a great group of kids and parents. They have welcomed us in and made us feel like part of the team. Sarah, the team manager, and her husband Adam have been so nice to us. We really appreciate them and the way they include us. Sarah used to teach but is doing the hardest job in the world now, staying at home and raising her three kids . The littlest one is only about 6 months old. She is an awesome mom and I have really enjoyed getting to know their family. 

At the game that weekend I heard her say she wished she had brought a rubber band for her hair. I wished I had one to give her. Actually I was jealous because her hair looked pretty darn amazing for having a baby. For the last year I have worn my hair in a bun almost every day because taking care of three kids is exhausting . 

During the break between games, I left Kendal at the field and my mom and  I ran to Old Navy to buy my sister in LA some clothes. (I still had Supercash). When we were in there I had a great idea, I would buy a pack of rubber bands for Sarah as my act of kindness for the day. I love when I can help a mother out. 

We ran back to the field just in time to see Kendal play. I handed Sarah the rubber bands and told her it was my act of kindness for the day. I snapped a picture and told Sarah it would be at least a couple weeks before I finally blogged about it 😉

Sometimes my act of kindness is big, but other days it is just being aware of people around me, hearing about a need and then having the opportunity to fill that need. This time it was a pack of rubber bands, an act of kindness, for a fellow mother, who has gone out of her way to make us feel like part of the team and for that I will be forever grateful. 


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