Day 117 – LuLaLove 

I have a lot of friends who sell LuLaRoe and unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of years you have been invited to at least one but probably twenty parties. All joking aside, I have seen the women who work for this company do amazing things. One of my friends left teaching to sell LuLaRoe and stay home with her boys. To watch her business grow has been awesome. I have also seen young women get involved in LuLaRoe, starting young as self employed. I love supporting working moms. I love LuLaRoe but what I love the most is how it has changed the lives of lots of women I know. 

A couple of weeks ago I hosted and online LuLaRoe party for Hannah and Dane. Hannah is a sweet, young, very pretty girl whose mom works with me. She is a hairdresser and LuLaRoe consultant. I was happy to support her. 

The great thing about hosting a party is you have nothing to loose. You invite friends, comment on cute clothes and earn rewards. Easy as can be. 

During the party I was hosting for Hannah, I noticed that one of my friends, Samantha, liked a pair of leggings but didn’t buy them. Samantha and the whole Goad family have been such a blessing to us. Without much family around, our friends have become like family and we consider the Goads just that, family! So for my act of kindness that evening , I told Hannah to tell Samantha that someone had bought her those leggings. I used my hostess rewards to get her the leggings. I never told her it was me, maybe she figured it out (I guess she will know if she reads this) either way I was glad to do it.

Lately I have been using rewards, coupons, gift cards etc to bless others. In order to continue to give, serve and do acts of kindness I am having to find inventive ways to act. Using my LuLaRoe reward was perfect. 

So thank you Samantha for being you. For always listening, loving my kids, watching little Luna, spending countless hours at sporting events and for sharing your lives with us! We are so blessed to have you and the rest of the Goad Gang in our life. I wish I could have done more. 

I encourage you to use what ever you have to give, serve and love others. Coupons, gift cards and rewards are great ways to get started. And if you are interested in hosting a LuLaRoe party, I know a couple great women I can hook you up with!! 


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