Day 116 – SOL Stress = Coffee , Lots and lots of Coffee!

For teachers this time of year is stressful, very stressful. With end of year testing and for us special education teachers, add on the annual IEP paper work and the stress level rises! I am blessed to work with some amazing teachers who make the days fun! One of those teachers is Mrs. Gallimore, my special education partner and friend. 

She is an amazing person. Always helping others, always putting the needs of others first, always treating others to small gifts. So for my act of kindness the other day, when I was heading to work I stopped to pick up some coffee at Sheetz because you can’t survive SOLs without coffee (and candy) and I picked up one for Mrs. Gallimore too! 

When I got to school, coffees in hand, Mrs. Gallimore was standing at the front door. I handed her the coffee and guess what? She had gotten me a coffee too! 

So I started my day, double fisted , ready to tackle what ever the day brought to me. 

I do not tell Amber nearly enough how much I appreciate her ( I actually made her mad today – but that is a story for another day). She is one of the hardest working teachers I know. She is always willing to help, whether it is paper work, covering classes, volunteering at dances, servicing students, running to get supplies or getting us food. Amber Gallimore is one of the most giving people with a true servants heart. 

Amber probably does an act of kindness, serving or giving every day. It is who she is. Serving others is a gift she has. She does it with no need for applause or for recognition, she does it with love in her heart. I am a better person for knowing Amber, and although at times I can be self absorbed and unaware, I want her to know I appreciate her and notice her heart to serve others! Gladeville is a better school because of her. 


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