Day 115 – The Community Meal

After a couple rough days I was so happy to be at the community meal. The Community Meal is my happy place. I have said it before and I will say it again. Serving our community, eating, laughing listening to stories. There is truly no other place I would rather be. This past month we had sub sandwiches. The evening was warm and we had a large crowd. Little Luna was with me and we spent some time upstairs away from the crowd! Lately, and especially that night, crowds have been getting to me which is weird considering I have never met a stranger. So Luna and I took a time out from the crowd upstairs and fed little Lu with her buddy from church, Maggie.

When I was upstairs I got a text from one of my student’s parents. She said they were at the meal and didn’t want to leave without seeing me if I was there. I quickly ran downstairs to say hello. It was so good to see them there. They had already eaten and had been hanging out, they had even brought a dessert to share. I gave them a tour of the church and said our good byes. Then it hit me, I was hiding from the very people who I want to serve. God could not open doors if I wasn’t taking time to invest in people and form relationships. I spent the rest of the evening downstairs.  Giving people to go boxes, listening to needs and forming relationships. 

I had been contacted that week by a man I knew from the meals saying that his wife and her mom had just moved and needed food. I did a good drive and had a large amount donated. That night they walked to the meal and wouldn’t be able to carry the food. I mentioned the problem to friends from church and the dad offered to drive them home. He didn’t ask where they lived , he just saw and opportunity to serve and took it. I was so thankful they had come to the meal and I have come out from hiding. 

When life gets tough I have been know to he mad. I start to withdrawal from the very things that make me happy. That night at the community meal I was reminded about why I love those meals. The relationships I have formed their have led the way for God to provide so many opportunities for me to serve others . Isn’t that what this whole journey has been about? Serving, loving and giving to others intentionally, every day for a year. That could not possible be done by me hiding from the crowd.

The night ended up being super successful. I am constantly reminded of the importance of these meals to not only the community but me. I will not let the enemy still, kill or destroy my joy ( I will let someone else’s cooking for that.). 


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