Day 113 – Super Cash

mAnyone who knows me knows I love my coupons. I am trying to do better about shopping, trying to only buy things we need and also giving away anything we don’t wear or need. As soon as Luna grows out of her clothes we give them away. Mia just purged her closet selling and giving away tons of stuff. We are truly trying to have less to live more. 

That being said Luna needed some summer clothes. Shorts and tank tops, a bathing suit (or two since we spend so much time at the pool) so Kendal and I stopped at Old Navy one night when we were waiting on his practice to start. I had several Super Cash coupons in my wallet. As Kendal and I walked around I noticed a mother shopping with her two kids. She looked to be a little bit younger than me. I smiled as she discussed clothing options with her young daughter who looked to be about ten. 

Wait until the preteen years. 

I thought as I watched them pick our shirts. I looked at Kendal and said,

I know what my act of kindness is going to be. I’m going to give that mom shopping over there one of my Super Cash coupons.

Kendal looked at me and shook his head. By this point he was used to my random acts.

Why would she want it? 

Well, it is for $20 off of $50 which is great. I think she will want it. 

With Kendal at my feet I approached the mother and daughter browsing shirts at a table. 

Hello. I was wondering if you were planning on doing much shopping? 

The mother didn’t answer for a minute. Probably wonder why it was any of my business. 

Some shopping , guess it depends. 

She seemed confused and a little taken aback.

If you are planning on doing some shopping I have a coupon for $20 off of $50 that I want to give you.

She smiled. 

That is so nice of you. I am sure we will spend that much. 

Looking at her daughter.

Are you sure you don’t need it?

No, I have another. I am doing an act of kindness, serving or giving everyday and noticed you shopping with your kids and felt that tug at my heart from God and wanted to bless you. 

I surprised myself. I have become much more bold on this journey, sharing about God with people daily. 

Thank you. 

The mother said as she turned toward her daughter and we walked away.

Well that just happened. 

Kendal said and I laughed. He still isn’t used to it I guess. 

Why would you give away your coupon? You love coupons. 

He wanted to know.

Well Kendal sometimes God wants us to give things to other people and nothing I have is truly mine. I may never know what becomes from our interaction with that mother, but what I do know is that I want my action to be a reflection of my faith and I want to be a light in people’s lives. 

Kendal nodded and we continued shopping. I used my last coupon and bought Lu some cute summer stuff. That evening I chose to be a light in someone else’s life. I challenge you to be a light in someone’s life today. 


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