Day 112 – Support the Youth

Two weeks ago I spent my Saturday night helping Mia wrap water bottles for a fundraiser at our church benefiting Water Missions. Over the past four years, Mia has raised thousands of dollars for Water Missions. It all started when a little girl heard about a problem and knew she wanted to do something. It didn’t matter how big the problem was (you know like the global water crisis) all that mattered was that there was a problem and she wanted to help. Of course she needed my help but I mostly helped to guide her through ways to help Water Missions. She has continued to be passionate about clean water and informing people about the global water crisis. 

For my act of kindness two weeks ago , I spent our Sunday supporting Mia has she kicked off Water Sunday at our church. Water Sunday helps raise awareness of the global water crisis by having people forgo buying soda, coffee etc for a week and filling a water bottle with spare change. Mia and our pastor made a short promo video and Mia brought all the wrapped water bottles to church! I am so proud of her continued commitment to Water Missions. To learn more about Water Missions follow the link

That same Sunday another young lady from our church, Hannah, was having a fundraiser to raise money for her upcoming Missions trip with YWAM to Perth. With the help of her dad, they held a family portrait fundraiser that was awesome. Although we didn’t have time to do coordinating outfits or get all made up, the pictures came out fanatastic. This was such a fun way to support Hannah. If you want to learn more about Hannah and her upcoming mission trip follow the link We can’t wait to see what God has planned for her. 

One thing I love about Cornerstone Church is their dedication to supporting their youth doing mission work. Whether abroad or at home , Cornerstone supports their youth in their passions . We are so blessed and can’t wait to continue to see how God uses us to serve people at home and around the world. To read more about Cornerstone Missions follow the link

If you are interested in supporting youth mission work, I would love to talk to you! I challenge you to reach out to the youth in your life and encourage and support them in their passions to serve and love others. 


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