Day 111- Diamonds in the Dirt

A couple weeks ago I had a scheduling miracle happen and I was able to attend a women’s conference called Diamonds in the Dirt. As my act of kindness and giving I invited one of my aides and paid her way. For Christi this was a little out of her comfort zone, what she doesn’t know is that for me this kind of thing used to be way out of my comfort zone. I still went back and forth about it but I knew if the schedules aligned I should go. 

Christi and I met at the church. We sat down and chatted with people. I was so excited for the speakers and praise team (Samantha and Natalie are my favorites) , I couldn’t wait to see how God moved. There is something powerful when women are gathered together worshipping. The room was filled with the Holly Spirit. I found myself moved to my feet several times even when everyone else was sitting. 

One of the awesome things about this conference were all the diffferebt types of preaching and worship. It was moving to hear women at all different seasons of their lives come together. 

At lunch I already felt restored. I had a renewed peace in Jesus’s love for me even while I am under construction and at times broken. 

I was so glad I invited Christi to come. She has been such a blessing to my classroom and my life. The story of how she became my aide is further testimony to God’s perfect plan. He taught me to trust him and his will through the series of events that led her to my class and I will be forever thankful. 

We ate lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile, Carla Frost. Funny thing was I had run into her at CVS a couple of weeks before the conference and I was sure glad I did. I miss seeing and talking to her and being able to eat lunch with her was a double bonus. 

The second part of the conference was equally inspiring. I left there feeling refreshed and encouraged to stay the course and follow God’s will and purpose for my life. 

I am so glad Christi and I got to attend this together. Sometimes you got to step out of your comfort zone and invite people in. Invite them to a conference , to church, to dinner , to your home. Do life with them. You never know where God will lead you!


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