Day 110 – My Mentor Teacher 

I didn’t start teaching until Kendal was one years old. It was a big adjustment going back to work full time after staying home for three years. I knew I wanted to teach and teaching has the best schedule when you have kids.  

When you start teaching you are assigned a mentor teacher. My mentor was Tinsel Slate. I had already gotten to know Tinsel pretty well when I had been an Americorp tutor. She was so fun to work with, giving, loved the kids and someone I looked up to. 

Sadly after teaching with her for several years, she moved schools to teach Pre-k. Pre-k is a tough job. Kids need a lot of care and love. Special education pre-k is especially hard because the needs of students can be greatly varied. 

Tinsel loves Pre-k. She loves those kids with all heart. So when she had a Donors Choose project open that was receiving matching donations I knew I had to help. This project included a variety of items that would help Mrs. Slate use dance and movement to teach ABCs. I loved the Yoga part. Her passion for hands on learning experiences is inspiring. Her students benefit from her drive to provide lots of resources to meet all their sensory needs. There is no better way for a young student to learn than through exploration. I was blessed to be able to be the last donation to fully fund the project! 

Donors Choose is currently involved in matching program with PNC Grow Up Great. They are matching dollar for dollar projects for Pre-k classrooms. Mrs. Slate has a current project open to help buy an nice new rug for circle time. Pre-k Students spend a lot of time on the floor and a nice new carpet is such a blessing. If you want to help Mrs. Slate follow the link . She only needs $182 more to have her project fully funded. I will be donating to this project too! It is the least I can do to say thanks to my mentor teacher for all she has done for me over the years. I would l love to get this project fully funded for her as a surprise !! (Your donation is tax deductible )

P.S. I currently am the mentor teacher for Mrs. Slates daughter who is also a Pre-k teacher. God’s plan is perfect. Little did I know what he was preparing me for. 


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