Day 107 – Helping Mr. Evan

When Kendal was little he hated swimming. He was a good little swimmer but he didn’t enjoy the water. The thing was, we spent a lot of time at the pool. Mia had just started on swim team and we needed Kendal to learn how to swim. Kendal has a lot of anxiety and he cries easily and it wasn’t any different at swim lessons. He is athletic and most sports come easy, but something about the water made him tense and anxious. That was until he met Mr. Evan. 

Mr. Evan just connected with Kendal. Kendal looked forward to swim class with him. It is because of Evan, Kendal began to love the water and even joined the swim team for a bit (a very short bit). I am so thankful for Evan and the way he treated Kendal. When Evan graduated and moved away to be a teacher, I just knew he would be great. He has taught several grades over the years and I have enjoyed seeing updates and photos on Social media. Most recently he has had been teaching Pre-k and I know it is perfect. From my experience with him during Kendal’s swim lessons, I couldn’t imagine a better fit. Recently he posted about making fresh squeezed lemonade with his class. I just love every update I read. 

So the other day when I needed an act of kindness for the day, I came across a Donors Choose project that Evan had going. I am a fan of Donors Choose and Evan’s project caught my attention. First we just love Evan. Second the project was for items for his PreK class and there was a matching donation going on. Third, I love teachers and teaching and it is almost impossible to get all the things we need for our students without spending a ton of our own money. Donors choose it great because it allows teachers  to get items for their class they wouldn’t normally get to have. I myself have had two projects funded and have a third project going for alternate seating. 

I know many people don’t understand why teachers need things like Donors Choose. But I am here to tell you that teachers are short resources and Donors Choose allows us to get supplies that we normally would not be able to get. 

Evan had his project fully funded quickly. I can’t wait to see pictures of the students using there new items during station time. Here is he link to Mr. Evan’s page. I encourage you to go to Donors Choose and search for projects in your area.  

You never know what you will find. The feeling of having a project fully funded is amazing. You never know who you will be helping out but I do know you will be making a difference in the life of a teacher and her/his students. 


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