Day 105 – A Beloved Sister 

 Recently I read on Facebook about a friend who lost her sister. It broke my heart. I didn’t know anything about the circumstances regarding her death but that didn’t matter. I didnt need to know. What I did know was that she was a sister and a mom and people were grieving. Like I have said before, I feel so helpless during times of loss. I am at a loss for words. My heart hurts for those who mourn. There are now words of my own. Only His. 

 As I read the posts by my friend and looked at the pictures she posted I knew I wanted to do something, so when someone started a gofundme to help with the memorial costs as well as to help with a legal fund, I knew what to do for my act of kindness for the day. I donated $10 which isn’t much but can help when added in. I wished I could do more, but I have learned that something is always better than nothing . 

I donated because I knew that my friend was trying to get custody of her sisters boys. I could only imagine how hard it would be to loose your sister and also be in a legal fight to keep her boys together. Renee has a huge heart. I love reading her posts about her kids. It is inspiring the love she has for them and for others. So if you are looking for an act of kindness for today, if your looking to do an act of kindness for someone who can never repay you, if you want to be a blessing to a stranger , then follow the link and give today.

I feel so blessed by being able to read about their love and friendship. It is so encouraging to read about someone I knew in high school and being inspired by the amount of love in their lives. I gave my $10 and prayed for healing of broken hearts and God’s will which is worth more that my $10 ever helped. 

I encourage you to give or bless someone who can never repay you. They don’t even have to know it was you because God wants us to give not for the applause of the praise, but because that is what we are called to do. Help others. 


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