Day 104 – 13,000 People

On the Saturday before Easter we went to the zoo in Asheboro, NC along with 13,000 people. The weather was perfect, we got there right when it opened and stayed until it closed. We walked over 5 miles and had a blast !! 

Luna loved the animals and especially the elephants. She hung in like a champ and didn’t cry or whine at all. At about 3:00 she started to get tired and needed a nap so Mia and Kendal went on the rope course. It was an awesome course with challenging routes and lots of fun. And Luna slept hard. During Luna’s nap time my mom and I walked over to the main pavilion where they had food and gift shops. She wanted a Diet Coke and to find a stuffed elephant for Luna. The only place that didn’t have a line out the door was a pizza place so my mom watched Luna in the stroller and I went in to buy a drink. 

When I got in there I walked into chaos. People were complaining about orders and which pizza was theirs. The poor people working were being yelled at and not treated nicely. I made my way to the cashier to buy my drinks. I started to joke with them about the mood in the place. 

It’s crazy in here.

The girl behind the counter smiled.

Yeah it is our second busiest day of the year. 13,000 people. We have been slammed since 10am.

I asked for my order and then stayed to talk to them for a minute.

You guys have a hard job working with the public. People are hot and cranky. I have heard more kids crying and adults fighting than I expected. Just be nice. You can kill them with kindness. Don’t let their bad moods bring you down. Your doing the best you can. It’s only pizza they can wait. 

They started to laugh. 

Thanks for all you do. I hope you all have a great rest of the day and survive 13,000 people. I am going to take my drink and run! 

We all laughed some more. People in the store were listening. Those same people who had been giving these workers a hard time over their large cheese pizza were listening. They heard me choose kindness. My act of kindness for the day. To step out of my comfort zone to lift strangers up. To appreciate the job they were doing. 

Service jobs are hard. Especially at the zoo with 13,000 people. I am sure that wasn’t their dream job. People forget they are just doing their job. Yes we have all had bad service in our lives but is being mean and causing chaos the answer? I don’t know if my few words of encouragement helped but I do know that in that moment I chose kindness. So next time you find your self receiving bad service , Choose kindness. If I could smile after 7 hours, 5 miles and 13,000 people at the zoo, so can you!!!


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