Day 103 – Friday Nights

When Mia was little, before Kendal was born, and I wasn’t working, we had a little routine where every Friday night we would go get Mexican Food for dinner and then go do the grocery shopping for the week. It was our Friday Night. 

Now, 10 years later, we have revived that routine. So on most Friday nights ( except for the ones we are  traveling) while Mia and Kendal are at their activities, we take little Luna to eat Mexican Food and then go grocery shopping for the week. Now that Luna can sit up in the high chair and eat real food, going out to dinner is a much different experience. 

So for the past couple Friday nights we have taken little Lu out to eat at our local Mexican food spot. She eats her weight in rice and I actually eat a meal sitting down. A couple weeks ago while we were out I saw a guy from our church eating dinner by himself. He has a large family so I took notice when I saw him all by himself. When I went to pay he was just finishing up. I felt that tug at my heart and I just new what I needed to do. 

So before he could get up to the counter I added his dinner to our check. An unexpected blessing. This family has just had a baby. His wife is a teacher like me. They are very active in their community and our church. I knew I probably couldn’t buy their whole family diner , but that tug at my heart reminded me we could buy his. 

Often we think we don’t have the money to bless others. Cesar and I don’t make a ton of money and everyone knows it all goes to Mia’s swimming. But when you give, when you listen to that tug at your heart, when you are faithful with your money, God knows and he blesses us. We don’t have extra, but we have enough to give. And when we give the blessings are poured back on us, whether it is buying someone ‘s dinner or giving away Mia’s old clothes and shoes. I challenge you to give to someone today. Money, items, time and watch how God works in your life when you are a blessing to others. 


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