Day 102 – Drinks All Around

And by drinks I mean Dr. Pepper. So I have a confession to make. I drink Dr. Pepper. When I got pregnant with Luna I hadn’t had one soda in 5 years. But then I got morning and all day sickness and the only thing that helped was Coke. I told myself that after I had Luna I would give up soda again and loose weight. Well Flash Forward one year and here I am 40 years old, still drinking a Dr. Pepper at least twice a week (I said at least sometimes 3 or 4) and I still weigh the same amount as when I had Luna. 

I am not trying to make excuses but I am a stress drinker. Soda drinker that is. One day last week we were having a stressful day at work and I was heading to the soda machine when one of my students asked me if he could earn a soda. He had been especially good and I knew this would be a treat. So I grabbed a $5 from my purse and headed to the teacher workroom. I spent every penny at that machine. The look on people’s faces when I walked down the hall with 4 Dr. Peppers in my hands was pricelss. 

I got back to my room and passed the Dr. Pepper around. My aide and I each had one and my students split the others into cups. They couldn’t believe I bought them a drink. They laughed when I told them this would be my last one. They all know that lately Dr. Pepper had been my primary doctor. 

I have learned that when I am having a bad day doing something nice for someone else helps to change my mood instantly. Even treating my aide and student to a Dr. Pepper can instantly cheer me up. 

This just reminds me that even the smallest acts of kindness are important. We can choose to  let our day dictate our mood, or we can look for intentional acts of kindness, giving and loving. Kindness is contagious. I know anytime I come to school and find a hot cup of coffee on my desk (Thanks to my fabulous friend Mrs. Gallimore) it brings a smile to my face no matter how hectic my morning was trying to get three kids out the door! 

I challenge you to do a small act of kindness today. Buy a coffee for someone, bring them their favorite candy bar, you can even do what I did Sunday while I drove Luna around to nap: Get your husband a baconater and your son a frosty from Wendy’s for them to enjoy while they play video games. Shhhh don’t let his secret out! 


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