Day 101 – Teacher Tired 

There is no kind of tired like teacher tired. There is definitely no kind of tired like special education teacher tired. As many of you know I am a special education teacher but what many of you might not know is that my little sister in Los Angeles is also a special education teacher. 

She is the sister which is most like me. We both are workers , always had jobs, put ourselves through college and both teach special education. Makes me sad that she is 3000 miles away, especially because my kids miss her and my niece Ruby to death. 

Jamie has an especially challenging job. She is a teacher of deaf/ hearing impaired pre -school students. Many of these students have other challenges to face as well. Add to that all the paper work and travel and it makes for one tired teacher. 

Jamie has been loosing her hearing since her 20s. She is now profoundly deaf. It is hard to talk on the phone with her at times and we often just text. She loves her job, loves Ruby more than anything, loves Los Angeles and loves coffee like me. So the other night when I saw a post from her about being tired I knew what my act of kindness for the day should be. I got on my Starbucks app and sent her a gift card. Who knew it was that easy. 

A couple days later she posted that she was having a little retail therapy at Target along with her Starbucks (I told you we were alike)! This all just reminded me that I have become lazy about serving my family. I don’t send gifts or cards. Something about them being 3000 miles away makes it ok in my head. But just because they are far away doesn’t make them any less important. In fact my nieces and nephews are the most important people in the world to my kids. They would give up everything to spend more time with them. It is my mission to take more time to call, text, send cards, send letters and send presents. I have been taking them for granted and I know I shouldn’t because life is short and time is precious. I challenge you to do something nice for someone in your family both near and far. Let them know you care. You might even send them a Starbucks card! 


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