Day 100 – 100 Acts of Kindness

I wasn’t quite sure the 100th day would come. 100 days of giving, serving, loving and kindness. Intentional acts of kindness. Listening to those tugs at my heart that could only be God speaking to me. Witnessing the many blessings unfold that come from serving others. Like the Bible says So for my 100th day of serving, giving and loving others, I asked for people to do one act of kindness for the day and tell me about it. My goal was 100 acts. 

The response was amazing. So many acts of kindness from making a donation to a charity, taking a family dinner, making a scripture jar, listening to a friend on the phone, helping with groceries, Kendal buying his sister ice cream, visiting nursing homes, taking flowers to the soup kitchen , the list went on and on…

These are just a few examples of the acts I read about. I received text messages and iMessages about acts. Although I lost count and I don’t think we reached 100, I woke up the next day feeling excited and renewed.

I have to be honest. Some days are harder than others. Life gets in the way. And now that o have fallen farther behind on my blog I feel like I am disappointing people or not living up to my promise. 

Then I am reminded that God isn’t interested in what other people think. He is interested in my heart. Why I am serving, loving and giving. What my intentions are. As long as I am doing this to Glorify him then it doesn’t matter that I am two weeks behind on my blog. What matters is I don’t loose sight of my mission. To live out Romans 12

For my 100th day, I gathered up all the extra baseball stuff we had and drove it down the street (like 5 houses down the street) to drop it off at a friends house who was looking for baseball stuff for his boys. 

My 100th was about more than the acts. It reminded me that this journey is not about me, it isn’t about reaching a goal, it is about listening to that tug at my heart, being intentional about my acts of giving, and not growing weary for this journey is only possible with God by my side. I can wait to see where the next 100 days lead me


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