Day 99 – Big League Chew 

Baseball season has started. The most boring sport in the world to watch. (Sorry baseball fans). But there is something about baseball, longer days and warmer nights that gets me excited for summer.

Kendal is trying to juggle two sports right now. Soccer is overlapping with baseball. Soccer is his favorite sport. He loves baseball too but it is more about being with his buddies. Last week on the way to practice he asked me to stop and get him some Big League Chew. It is a staple of summertime little league games. 

When he went in to get some he asked if he could get some for his friends. I almost said no, but then I realized that this was Kendal’s act of kindness for the day. He wanted to surprise his friends. 

Since starting this journey of 365 days of serving, loving and giving, Kendal has been by my side for more than one adventure . Whether it was delivering food, dropping off Candy, working at church or taking plants to a neighbor, Kendal has been all in. 

That is why when he had an idea, when he initiated the giving , I stopped myself from immediately saying No and we bought that Big League Chew. 

See he was giving because he loves those Goad boys, because he finds joy in giving to the people he loves. He has found delight from giving, from being my partner on this journey. I am so thankful he gets it. 

Kendal plays baseball for the sunflower seeds, gum and Friends! We are blessed to call the Goad boys friends. So bring on baseball and friendship and late summer nights. And remember we set and example for our kids in every action we take, good or bad. I am so happy that I have been able to serve along side Kendal and continue to watch him give to others.


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