Day 98- Protect and Serve

A couple of weekends ago we went to Charlotte to watch Kendal play in the Under Armour Cup. It was a beautiful weekend. Perfect weather. We watched soccer, went to Cheesecake Factory, shopped, went to the playground and enjoyed or mini vacation. 

On the first day of the tournament I noticed a police officer hanging around. I am sure he was assigned to the area because of the increased traffic from the tournament. Seeing that officer made me think of Curtis Bartlett, a young officer from my home town who lost his life serving his community. (See my post The Thin Blue Line to read more about Officer Bartlett I thought about his family and how hard things must still be. I wanted to do something to continue to honor Curtis. I had already given out a Starbucks card in his memory. As I read back about that act ( I decided to do the same in Charlotte. To continue to honor him. To continue to live inspired. Who said I can’t do the same act twice. So I bought a gift card and we went back to the field for the championship game. Kendal and I walked around and found the officer. We handed him the card and thanked him for his service. We told him about Curtis and  how he had inspired us. He thanked us and we went on to our game. When I looked back, there he stood, protecting and serving and for that and for every police officer who spends their weekends serving us while we watch our kids play sports I am forever thankful. 

I am happy to report that Kendal’s team won the tournament. They played great and had fun! 

One last thing. I typed up this blog post while sitting in the New River Mall Parking lot entrance of the Huckelberry trail. While I sat there sipping my Starbucks I tried to come up with every excuse why not to run. But then I thought about Curtis and I knew there was no excuse great enough. Then something told me to listen to one of Sam Bartlett’s sermons, so I googled First Baptist Sermons and there they were. I had never listened to one of his sermons online. I chose the one from April 9th titled Finding Purpose in Your Pain, pushed play and started running. 

Sam talked about the book of Job. This part really stuck out to me. I know that there are things and times in my life where I need to cover my mouth and say nothing. I ran and listened, inspired by two generations!

Before I knew it I had reached my goal. Inspired by Curtis and motivated by Sam’s sermon. 

Tonight I was reminded to live inspired. This is just one small step on the journey back to a healthier me!


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