Day 97 – Relay for Life 

Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether is it family, friends or co-workers, many of us know someone battling cancer or someone who has lost the fight. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to find my act of kindness for the day but I wasn’t feeling that tug at my heart or see God open up opportunities for me. It was getting late, we were in Charlotte for a soccer tournament and I was tired. 

As the day came to an end , I laid in my hotel bed  scrolling Facebook thinking I might not get my act in for the day. Then I came across the Relay for Life page for a friend of mine. I visited the page and read about why she was involved. I knew she had lost her mom to cancer but what I didn’t know was about all the other members of her family she had lost to cancer too! 

Her goal is to raise $100. For $5 you can buy a luminaire in Memory of a loved one. I knew what my act would be. I bought a luminaire in Memory of both my Grandmothers who died from Breast Cancer. Follow the Link of you would like to buy one too!

I have done several Breast Cancer races, a 3 day walk and the Avon two day walk. We have ran in Memory and in honor of so many. One of my most favorite races was my first ever 5k that we ran under the name Darlene’s Divas. Darlene is a mother who battled breast cancer in her 30s. She is a walking miracle and her testimony is amazing! 

What people don’t know is that Darlene’s cancer changed so many lives for the better. When I look back at the events that happened as a direct result of her fighting cancer I can’t help but think about a sermon on “Why Bad things Happen to Good People”. I can say that it was because of Darlene and her faith during her battle that I was baptized. One email update I received from her changed my life forever. I will never forget how strong her faith was. She inspired us to run, to live healthier lives, to serve, to love and to know that God is in control. 

Darlene has moved and lives up North. She has had another baby since her cancer and I haven’t seen her in many years. I am so thankful that I was able to tell her in person how she changed my life and how her cancer, her unwavering faith and courage inspired so many of us to start running. Running led to new friendships, new life styles, new jobs, and new faith. God uses all circumstances for his good will.


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