Day 96 – The Golden Rule

On most Fridays we order out lunch. One of the perks of teaching close to town is the ability to run out and pick up lunch once and awhile. A couple of Fridays ago I ran out to get Subway and was able to treat my two favorite subs to lunch for my act of kindness for the day. 

As any teacher knows it is much more work to be out than it is to go to work. Non teachers might have a hard time understanding this. To be out we have to have very detailed lesson plans, we have to include every detail, and for my class that involves a lot of information on my students who have varying needs. That is why I am so blessed to have Mrs. Darlene and Mrs. Harvey to sub. They both know my kids and their needs as well as I do.

Working with students with disabilities can be a challenge. I teach kids with varying needs, in different grades, with different schedules and different instructional levels. Their education is individualized to meet their individual needs. To explain that in detailed lesson plans is not easy. That is what having Mrs. Darlene and Mrs. Harvey sub for me is such a blessing. The least I can do is buy their lunch. 

These two ladies are not only amazing subs but two of the most hard working, caring and giving people I know. I look up to both of them and feel so lucky to call them friends. A subway sandwich isn’t much, but small acts of kindness are my way of saying thanks for all they have done for me. They are living examples of the golden rule.

It may seem simple, the Golden Rule, but many people have such a hard time living this out. I want to be kind to others not because I expect something in return but because I am supposed to treat others how I want to be treated even if I am not being treated very nice.

To be truthful it is easier to live out the Golden Rule with people that we like, who are nice to us or who are like us. The true test is living out the Golden Rule when people hurt our feelings, aren’t nice to us, disagree with us, think differently or argue. I am far from perfect, but by trying to be conscious of how I treat others and by showing my appreciation for the people in my life, I find it easier to live by the Golden Rule. 

I challenge you to think about Matthew 7:12 the next time you are in a challenging, hurtful or bad situation with someone. Living out the Golden Rule in those situations is what God wants and I will continue to try my best, thankful for the Grace of God when I fail. 


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