Day 95 – Target at 8:30 

Last Thursday night Luna and I drove Kendal to Blacksburg for an extra soccer practice before his soccer tournament in Charlotte. Little Luna took a long nap and I sat in the car and watched him practice. It has been such a great year for him. He has worked hard and really grown. It’s a blessing to be able to watch him play. 

After practice we went to Target. Luna was not in the mood to sleep or ride in the car. We needed some baby items and Mia needed a dress for her swim awards. So there we were at 8:30 at night in Target , an hour from home on a school night. 

After we gathered our things and checked out I ordered myself a coffee for the ride home. While I was waiting I noticed a young couple with a toddler at the drink machine helping her fill her slushee. Here we were at Target at almost 9pm with our small children. I wasn’t judging though. I understood completely. The mom was holding her Starbucks. She was my people. Drinking coffee at 9pm at night is just what you do when you are a mom. I felt that tug at my heart and knew what I had to do. 

I had the barista get me a gift card. I handed it to the young mom and said the next one is on me. She smiled and said thank you. We were mom’s, in Target at 9pm on a Thursday drinking Starbucks. There were no words needed. We got each other. 

I walked back to the barista and got my coffee. I looked at Kendal and said. 

I almost didn’t get it in tonight but God always provides the opportunity if I am listening and looking with an open heart.

The barista over heard and asked about what I was talking about. I told her about my journey and how God always provides the opportunity. I talked with her and shared my blog with her. I spoke with her more than the mom I blessed. 

As I drove home I reflected on the encounters. I felt that tug at my heart, but maybe God’s intentions were not about the young couple but the barista. And I can’t stop thinking about it. I was reminded that this journey isn’t about me and how I feel. Yes it feels good to randomly bless someone with a gift card but I have to be careful not to loose sight. What if the purpose of the act of kindness was my interaction with the barista. I must open my heart and mind in all situations. 

Nothing would please the devil more than for me to make this journey about me and the way it makes me feel. That moment in Target reminded me to keep listening for that tug and what it is telling me. This journey is a long one and I can’t become complacent or stop being intentional. I can’t wait to get back to Target . 


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