Day 94 – It’s All I got

Last Wednesday was a crazy day at work. Testing, paperwork, behavior plans and let’s not forget teaching. It was the longest Wednesday ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but like any job, some days are harder than others. 

By 12:30 I was done. I had to get out of the building for a minute and breathe. I drove to Sheetz and bought a coffee for me and my special education partner. 

Mrs. Gallimore is finishing up here third year at Gladeville school. She is a great teacher. We share a love for coffee and candy. She has my back and I have hers. She is such a great teacher. Super organized, never misses a day, loves the kids and loves to teach. 

After being buried by testing and paper work I ran to Sheetz and got us a coffee. That is all I had in me for the day.  My act of kindness. A cup of coffee.

But that cup of coffee was just what we needed. We talked and laughed about our stressful day. Amber and I often buy eachother coffee and treats. Just today she brought Kendal and I coffee and doughnuts. Perfect timing as usual. I had planned on stopping for my third cup, but Luna had a diaper blowout on the way to my sitter so I ended up being a couple minutes late for school. 

Small acts of kindness. Lifting eachother up, sure does make work a better  place. So instead of feeling bad because a cup of coffee is all I had for my act of kindness for the day, I am going to remember that small acts of giving , serving and loving inspire the same. The more you give, serve and love others the more others will do the same. So even though all I had in me was a cup of coffee that day, a cup of coffee and kind words can turn the day around (well and maybe some chocolate too!)


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