Day 93 – The Thank You

One thing this journey is allowing me to do is share with my children how to serve, love and give. I want to set a Godly example for them. I want them to grow up to serve and love others. I want them to learn about empathy and grace. I want them to be thankful for the things they have , to live a life full of experiences and not stuff. For my act of kindness last Tuesday I sat down with Mia to write thank you notes. 

Mia recently went to Orlando, Florida to compete in the National Age Group Championship. It was a wonderful experience and we were so thankful we were able to send her. We didn’t fundraise for the event but we had several people give her money and show their support. I was overwhelmed by the support she got. 

I think that the art of the hand written thank you note is dying. We often just call, text or email. But there is something special about the hand written note. 

When I read the notes Mia wrote I was almost brought to tears. They were genuine and heart felt and a true reflection of the girl she was becoming. 

God’s timing was once again perfect. Just recently Mia and I had such a bad argument I carried the guilt of bad parenting for days. God used these Thank you notes to remind me of whom Mia really is and that what I lacked was Grace. 

Parenting is hard. It requires empathy, love, compassion and grace. I can only hope that the seeds we plant now will grow firm roots in faith. I encourage you to have your children write Thank You notes. It might misty end up being a lesson for you. 


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