Day 92 – Wet Socks and Chips

A couple weeks ago I was able to go on my son’s school field trip to Jamestown. If it could happen on the trip it did. Traffic, unscheduled stops, rain, fogged up windows, lack of sleep and lots of laughter. The kids were so good, even when we let them loose at Golden Corrall. What made it so much fun was the group of teachers I hung out with that I am lucky to also call me friends. We laughed, joked, took pictures and had fun. I will never forget the trip! The amount of rain on the second day was ridiculous. After a three hour walking tour through Colonial Williamsburg there wasn’t on dry spot on our bodies. We stopped at a visitor center to change which put us way behind schedule. But it was fun and we could not stop laughing even with wet socks. 

So for my act of kindness the Monday after we got back from the trip I brought in some presents for my friends. This trip reminded me that attitude is everything. There were a million things that I could have let irritate me but instead I chose to find the humor and fun in every situation. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to go with Kendal on this trip and make memories. 


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