Day 91 – Donors Choose

I don’t know if you know about Donors Choose but it is an awesome resource for teachers. You can create a class project for anything from art supplies, to novels to sensory seating or robots. It is all up to you! You work with Donors Choose to create the project, pick the items and advertise for donors. I have had two projects get fully funded myself. One was for sensory seating and the other for Ozobots. It has been such a blessing to receive these items in my classroom. My students just love them.

On Sunday for my act of kindness I started campaigning for a fellow teacher’s Donor Choose project. Her project includes several class sets of novels. Mrs. Sousa will be Kendal’s reading teacher next year and it would great to see him get to travel the world through literature. 

It takes some work to get a project fully funded but it is worth it. Both of my projects have been funded by friends but also anonymously. It has been amazing to see how God works. When I am faithful in my giving and serving he reminds me that he will provide.

For my acts of kindness last Sunday I started to campaign to help get some projects funded. The first project is for a fifth grade teacher at my school Sheila Sousa. Mrs. Sousa has a project going to build her classroom library. Her goal is to take her kids on a journey around the world through literature. She is hoping to get several class sets of books. If you would like to help follow the link to donate today.
The next project is for Mrs. Lineberry, one of my favorites! Kendal had her last year and just loved her. For a boy like Kendal who is very active and very smart, incorporating movement into learning for his learning style. For her project she is trying to get flexible seating in the classroom. As a special education teacher, I know how important it is to offfer alternate seating arrangements for my students. My Donors Chose project for sensory seating impacted my classroom in such a positive way. If you would like to help Mrs. Lineberry get her project funded follow the link
Teaching is one of the most underpaid and underfunded professions. Teachers spend large amounts of their own money on supplies. Wouldn’t it be great if we showed these teachers some love and got their projects fully funded. Even $10 can help. We will be donating to both projects and I will be sharing and talking about them both until they are funded. Let’s make it happen. 


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