Day 89 – The things we do

By now you all know how much time we have invested in Mia and Kendal’s extra curricular activities. Along with the time we also invest money. Although we wouldn’t have it any other way, we understand that we are blessed to be able to provide these opportunities for our kids. Not only do they love their sports, but there are so many life skills they are learning as well as opportunties for ministry. 

I might be biased but I am pretty sure swimming is the most expensive sport on the planet. Don’t even get me started on the cost of bathing suits. What other sport do you do 5 days a week year round? That being said, I know how expensive it can be for parents to support their kids in their activities. The travel alone can be overwhelming. That is why for my act of kindness for last Friday I made a donation to my nieces cheerleading trip to Florida.

I am so excited that she found something that she is passionate about. Something she works hard at and loves. The life lessons taught about time management, priorities, goal setting, team work and working hard will carry on long after she isn’t cheering. 

We also just got done sending Mia to Florida for a week to swim at the National  Age Group Championship.  Although we didn’t fundraise we were blessed by several people who wanted to support Mia. We made the decision to send her on her own for a couple of reasons but mostly financial. Next year I am going to try and go, but I am so happy we were able to send her with the support of family and friends. 

I know it seems like we are constantly being asked to donate money to things. I know it is impossible to donate to everyone but I encourage you to pray about it and give where you feel led. Whether it be to Missions teams, traveling athletes or runners with a cause, I know from experience what a blessing it is when  people support your dream or passion. 

If you would like to help send Adrianna to Florida and support her in her passion, follow this link.


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