Day 86 – A Treat and a Sweet 

At Christmas time we upgraded Cesar’s phone to the IPhone 7. We use our phone for everything especially with all the travel we do. When I got him the black on black iPhone 7 with the maximum amount of gigabytes , I forgot that I sent in for a $200 rebate. Much to my surprise a US Cellular Visa card for $200 showed up in my mail box a couple of weeks ago. It was perfect. Cesar had been wanting new headphones and now I could get him a good pair. The trick with the Visa Card was that it had to be spent at US Cellular. They had headphones but trying to find the time to go proved to be difficult.   

Weeks passed and I still hadn’t made it to US Cellular. The card was in my name so Cesar couldn’t got get them himself. Between sickness, work, going out of town and sports, finding time to go was tricky.

Last Tuesday night Mia had an intersquad swim meet. Since Cesar and Kendal had soccer, Luna and I took Mia to the meet. Her warm ups were at 5:00 and the meet didn’t start until 6:00 so I dropped Mia off and headed towards Target to waste some time. Unfortunately wasting time at Target almost always ended with me spending money. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw US Cellular and my plans changed. With Mia in tow on my hip I went into US Cellular to get Cesar his headphones as my act of kindness for the night. 

It was just my luck. They had one pair of the wireless Beats headphones and they were $199.99, the same amount as my rebate. I know that sounds like a lot of money but Cesar never spends money on himself. He also listens to music or podcasts all day while he works standing on his feet. Plus these headphones were perfect for running and biking. 

Of course in the short time I was in US Cellular Luna dropped cheerios all over the floor and I also had to activate the card. By the time it was all over and I had crawled on the floor in US Cellular picking up Cheerios I didn’t have any time for Target but that was ok. I had put Cesar first and I knew he would just be so excited to get those headphones. 

After the swim meet was over I drove through Panera while Mia attended a pizza party and Luna slept in the car. I picked up a sweet treat for Cesar excited to give him his gifts. I sat in the dark in the car eating my salad reflecting on the evening. Our life is crazy. I am so thankful for a husband like Cesar who always puts our kids and our family first. It isn’t always easy, we aren’t perfect, but we are committed to our family and raising our kids and for that I will forever thank God for. 

When we got home Cesar was laying in bed with Luna in his arms. He is convinced that is the only way she will sleep. He loves his kids and they just adore him. I am so glad I made him my act of kindness last Tuesday. The look on his face says it all! 


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