Day 85 – Two forms of identification 

Last Monday I took the morning off work to go to the social security office 45 minutes from home to get Luna a social security card. See until last month when I started doing my taxes, I didnt even realize I didn’t have one. 

I dropped Luna off at the sitters and drove to Wytheville. I was the first in line, filled out application in hand, birth certificates, ID all ready. I had looked online at the required documentation and thought I had it all. When they called my number I went up to the front desk and proudly displayed all of my documentation. As she flipped through my stuff she said, “Do you have another form of identification for Luna?”

For a baby? Two forms of identification? 

“No, I have her birth certifcate and letter from the hospital”

“Sorry, that won’t work” she pulled out a bright green paper and handed it to me. “Come back when you have one of these”

I almost cried.

I had taken the morning off and had no idea when I could make it back. Taxes were due soon. I felt a wave of anxiety. I got back in my car feeling defeated and headed to Starbucks. I felt sorry for myself and knew my attitude had to change. I knew what I would do, I would buy someone a cup of coffee as my act of kindness for the day. It always makes me feel better to serve others. I walked into Starbucks and couldn’t believe it. 

There was no one in Starbucks! First time ever! 

Eight people working and not one other person ordering a drink. I took my time walking up to the line and ordering. I just knew someone would come in. My drink was fixed and I looked back at the doors one last time. No one. Great! I thought, what else could go wrong. Just then I looked up and saw someone in the drive thru. To my surprise I knew them. Not only did I know them but they lived in Galax, they were a teacher and had a baby like me. What were the chances. I yelled at the drive thru barista ! 

“Stop, I have to buy that ladies drink!”

I am pretty sure I scared and woke up all 8 people working . I couldn’t help but laugh. What were the chances that the only person I would see at Starbucks was someone from Galax, 45 Minutes away and someone with so much in common (we were both supposed to be teaching). I waved and she said thank you, little did she know how much buying her that drink lifted my spirits. The Great Choregrapher was at it again. Planning out every step in this dance called my life. 

I drove home with no social security card, a hot coffee and a smile. The rest of my day was great! I told the story several times, laughing at myself every time I said I almost cried. 

Fast forward to today, Monday, one week exactly since the first visit to the social security office. This time I left early from work to make it before they closed (they are only open from 9-4 when everyone else is working ). I checked Kendal out and we drove in the pouring rain going 45 miles per hour for an hour. 

We finally pulled in and took our number. It took about 15 minutes for them to call me up. I walked up to the window, all the necessary documentation in hand. As the lady flipped through my paper work she shook her head. “I am sorry but the doctors office has to sign and date this paper” 

“What? You have to be freaking kidding me!” I said. 

Then I paused. I thought about my last visit. I thought about my attitude. I told the lady I was sorry and that I would be back. 

This time I drove to Starbucks and counted my blessings instead of feeling sorry for myself. So I had driven an hour in a storm for nothing. What I did get was to spend the rest of the afternoon with Kendal, just him and I. We shopped for new soccer cleats and sweatshirt and went out to dinner. At this moment I am watching him with his new teammates  go over positions for their tournament this weekend. I am going to count my blessings and choose joy. When I go back to the social security office I am going to bring the lady working behind the desk a treat as a peace offering for me being so hateful. I mean third times a charm right? 


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