Day 84 – Why do we have so many clothes?

I wrote this post already. I finished it late last night on a charter bus heading back from Jamestown with a bus full of fourth graders. We had just stopped at CiCis pizza buffet and it was getting late. We were four hours behind schedule and everyone was tired! I pushed post and it disappeared. I almost cried. I was tired and behind and felt a little overwhelmed. My plan this weekend was to get caught up on posts but instead I enjoyed my night in a hotel room kid Free and slept for five hours straight before I woke up. So here I am baby in my arms writing Sunday’s post again, hoping to get caught up on these posts, a week behind but not giving up on my mission to complete 365 days of serving, loving and giving and blogging about it. 

Last Sunday I was home by myself with Little Luna and was working on laundry. Piles in laundry. Hours of washing, folding and putting it away. It never ended. I couldn’t help thinking about all the clothes that Kendal has and the amount of time it takes to keep them clean and put away. 
Inspired by the book The More of Less I have spent the last 84 days giving away and donating a lot of items. I have collected baskets full of stuff over several different weeks. And there is still more. What does that say about us as a family if we can donate and give away a basket full of stuff every week? We spend so much time cleaning, moving, and rearranging our stuff. What could we do with our time if we had less stuff to deal with?

When I think about living a more minimalist life style I get overwhelmed about where to start. What has worked for me is to clean out one drawer, one closet, one basket at a time and when I have time. Then once I get that done, I immediately give away or donate the stuff. Small steps to having less without getting completely overwhelmed in the process. 

So last Sunday in between loads of laundry I went through Kendal’s clothes for the third time since starting this journey. His dresser broke again (cheap dresser we bought from Magic Mart) and clothes were in baskets everywhere. Kendal has several favorite clothing items that he wears weekly. He also has clothes he never wears. Why keep them? If they aren’t in his rotation or are to small they ended up in the pile to give away. This is what I ended up with. 

I took them to school and donated them to a fellow teacher with a son younger than Kendal. Less stuff for me to fold, more room in Kendal’s drawers, and a blessing to others. I will admit, I still hold on to lots of my clothes. It is much easier to get rid of my kids stuff. What if I need it one day, if I got back into one day, if it comes back in style? The truth is I just can’t give it all up. So even though I have been giving away baskets of my clothes, I still have a long way to go. I still let my possessions grab ahold of me, take up my space and time. Today I am cleaning out one set of drawers. If I haven’t worn it in the last two years (I had a baby 10 months ago and am still trying to loose weight) then it is going in the donate basket. My goal is to have less clothes in order to have more time. It won’t be easy, and it is a slow process but I know that it is one ste closer to having my possessions be a reflection of where my heart is. 

I challenge you to clean out a closet, drawer or basket this week. If you haven’t worn it in the last two years donate it! Having less is about having more time for the things that matter not living without things. Your things should be a retention of your priorities and your heart! 


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