Day 83 – I still struggle

Since I have started this journey of 365 days of serving, loving and giving I have also started the journey of getting rid of “stuff”. Inspired by the Bible reading plan, The Less of More,  I have been making an effort to declutter our home and our lives. In the process I have realized I still struggle with letting go of my possessions. What if I need it again? What about the memories? What if they play with it again? I might need it one day. All these thoughts go through my head when I am getting together a basket of things to give away and donate. 

Over the past 83 days I have given away clothes, books, toys, baby stuff, dishes, and car seats. But I still struggle. For example when I went through our winter coats and accessories I put a Gap jacket I have into the basket to donate. I kept looking at it. I thought about that jacket and how warm it is. I loved that jacket. But I never wore it. I hadn’t put it on in ten years. And here I was taking it out of the donation basket and hanging back on the coat rack. Why couldn’t I let it go? Was it serving a purpose? Would I buy it again? That jacket was a perfect example of how I still let my possessions control me. So on Saturday for my act of kindness I gave away some more stuff. Things my first instinct was to sell. My first instinct is to sell and try to make $5, $10 or $15 dollars. But for what? To pay off bills or to buy my coffee? Would $10 even make a difference? Isn’t the bigger benefit from blessing others with things I no longer need. So I found someone on Facebook who needed a baby tub and gifted the bouncer to  a young new mom. I probably could have made $10 -$15 off of selling the items, but by blessing others and giving it away I break free from the hold my possessions have on me. 

I challenge you to give something away this week. Next time you go to sell something give it away. If you haven’t used something in the last 5, 3 or even year give it to someone who will use it. As hard as it was, I took that Gap jacket and put it in the donation bin. I took one more step towards having less and living more. 


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