Day 82- Prom Dress Pick Up

This Friday, March 31st Cornerstone Church is holding a prom dress give away. The event is called Say Yes to the Dress and allows local teens the chance to come get a dress for free. Lots of our local teens can not afford a dress and everything else you need to go to prom, so this outreach is very important to our community. And since I can not be at the event (pray for me I am going on a school trip to Jamestown with my son) I collected dresses as my act of serving, giving and loving. 

I have spent the last month trying to gather dresses for the event. On Friday I had a prom dress pick up in front of the baby sitters house. When my friend pulled out the dress she was donating I had to giggle, it was bigger than my trunk. It was a beautiful, red, long dress with a bouffant skirt. It is going to make some girl very happy.  I have collected short, long, colorful, sequence, bright and fancy. Dresses that made girls feel beautiful and special for one night and now thanks to their generosity will make a local teen feel special too. What I love about this ministry is watching the girls pick out and try on the dresses. Although I can’t be there I knew that I could help by collecting dresses. In fact I am picking up several more this week. All it took was a couple Facebook posts and some of my time picking up and dropping of the dresses. Time is one of the best ways to serve your community. 

People think they can’t help, don’t have time, don’t have the resources. I am here to tell you if you give people the opprotunity and make it easy for them, people will donate. Another example is the food drive I organized at our church to benefit a food bank at another local church, Out of the Box. You heard it right, We collected food for another church. There was a need, I organized the list and got the info out at church, people brought in donations and I picked up and delivered it. It cost me nothing to do but a little bit of my time.  I challenge you to find a need in your community and help fill it. A local ministry needing donations. Ask your Facebook friends for help. Donate your time picking up and dropping off items. Encourage others by providing them opprotunities to give and serve. 


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