Day 81 – Don’t Wait

If there is anything that this journey has taught me it is to not wait. Life is so fragile and short. Don’t wait to tell someone you care. Lately I have been acting on those tugs at my heart, when someone pops into my head, I call, message or text. I say a little prayer for them.

 One of those people who pops in my head a lot is David Beamer , my former aide who I have written about before. Any time the kids and I talk about him we send him a picture and say hello. He has been dealing with some health issues and this is our way of showing we care. We even made cards and mailed them. 

On Thursday for my act of kindness I acted on all those tugs. I called, texted and messaged people who God laid on my heart. I took the time 1-3 minutes to let them know I cared, that they are loved , that they matter. I could have waited until I had more time, an extra minute, until tomorrow. But what if tomorrow never came? What if those tugs at my heart were meant for that moment. What if God intended for those words to be spoken, messaged, or texted now. 

I understand that life is busy and emails, text messages, Facebook messages and calls all take time. But think about all the time we spend on social media. Surely you can find a few minutes a day to tell people you care. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Life is to short. If you feel that tug at your heart, act on it. You never will know how or why God is using you to encourgae and lift up others. Tomorrow may never come.

I encourage you to call, text, message or email someone today. Let them know you care, that you are thinking about them. The other day when I began to grow tired and didn’t know if I could keep up with this blog, I received three different words of encouragement via text and Facebook.

They didn’t know I was feeling that way, but God did and in his perfect way, he used them to encourgae me in his perfect timing. Listen to those tugs at your heart today. 


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