Day 80 – I forgot but God didn’t 

Last month when Luna was sick I went to CVS to pick up her medicine. The place was packed, it was flu season, the pharmacy was getting ready to close and people were coming in steady. When I got to the front counter there was a  young pharmacy tech who helped me. She seemed frazzled and tired. She rang me up and then the registers froze. She rang me up again and the next register froze. She was nice and professional but I could tell it had been a long day. I assured her I was in no hurry as she rebooted the registers. While they rebooted I took everything but the medicine up front to pay. I felt so bad for the young girl. She could not hide the distress in her face. When I came back to pick up my meds I prayed everything worked. I did not want to be responsible for her breaking down. She rang me up, I smiled and thanked her for doing her job and left. 

I could not get her out of my mind. I had no idea what transpired before I got to CVS. I didn’t know if her distress was from work or home. I just could not get her face out of my head. I felt that tug at my heart to do something to cheer her up. And then I forgot.

Last week when I was driving to work I saw someone walking towards CVS on the main road. When I got closer I looked over and realized it was the pharmacy tech I had been wanting to do an act of kindness for. I wondered why she was walking and drove on to work. I felt that tug at my heart. I knew I had to do an act of kindness for her . I got to work and then I forgot. 

This past Wednesday I had a very long day at work. I stopped by subway to grab some dinner before I got Lu from my mom. I was standing in line and I felt that tug at my heart. The girl from CVS popped into my head. I hadn’t done an act of kindness for the day. The tug was strong and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I ordered my food and a dozen cookies and drove to CVS.

I go to CVS at least once a week. It is right by my house and easy to grab stuff quickly. I hadn’t seen the pharmacy tech since the register incident. I had no idea if she would be working or what her name even was. I walked in quickly with only a few minutes to spare. As I walked to the back I spotted her busy at work at a computer. I walked up to her and handed her the cookies. 

These are for you. I am sure you don’t remember me but last month I was in here and you helped me. The registers kept freezing and you seemed like you were having a tough day. Then I saw you walking the other day to work and I wanted to do something nice for you. God tugged at my heart and I brought you these cookies as one of my acts of kindness that I am doing daily . Thanks for all you do.

She couldn’t stop smiling and saying thank you, I walked away quickly without anyone else seeing me. She didn’t know my name or need to. I knew God wanted me to bless her and I knew that was the perfect moment . 

I am so glad I took those extra five minutes to listen to the tug at my heart. I know it wasn’t free but I used the points I earned to buy a breakfast sandwich the next day. It always works out. What I realized is that I have been ignoring or forgetting to act on the tugs at my heart. And although my plans seem like good ones, sometimes it isn’t God’s plan. His plan and purpose is perfect. I just need to not ignore it or forget it. 



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