Day 78 – Celebrate Success! 

Kendal has been playing soccer for New River United in Blacksburg With our schedule it just makes sense to have him play soccer in the same town that Mia swims. This past fall was our first experience with it and it was wonderful. 

Monday night Kendal found out he had been moved up to another group in soccer. He was so excited. He had been working really hard and trying to be a good listener and his hard work paid off. He was eager to tell me all about it on the phone. He said he was learning things he had never learned before. 

I knew that his accomplishment deserved a celebration. In swimming there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate accomplishments. Cutting time, winning a heat, bringing home a ribbon or medal. But for Kendal being moved up was a huge deal and a big accomplishment, worthy of celebration. When he got home from practice that evening, I had a half dozen fresh baked chocolate chips cookies waiting for him along with a big hug and open ears. 

We talked about why I was proud. How he worked hard, listened to his coaches, and was coachable. He wasn’t the best on his team but he was dedicated and loves the sport which showed in his work ethic. Listening to him talk you would have thought he was just accepted to play in college. He was so excited to be given the opportunity to play with the kids who he looked up to. I am excited to see where this season leads him. 

One of the things we love about NRU soccer is the families. Everyone has been so nice to us. One of the mom’s on the team and I have become friends on Facebook. The other day she messaged me and asked if I wanted some shoes her toddler daughter had outgrown for Luna. I was so happy. We don’t get many hand me downs and I appreciated her thinking of us. She brought the bag of shoes to practice Monday.  Tha same evening I found someone to donate Kendal’s shoes to. I love how God provides when you bless others. I am continuing my journey of having less to live more. I fill up the red basket one to two times a week and give the stuff away. If we haven’t used it in the last two years then we don’t need it. It is a long process and won’t happen over night but one thing that has already happened is my shift from buying things for my kids to providing them with experiences and memories.

We are blessed. We aren’t rich. God had provided for us just what we need and as we continue to honor him he continues to fulfill our needs. Even if it is just a bag of shoes.


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