Day 77 – Do Not Grow Weary

When I started this journey of 365 days of serving, loving and giving I had no idea how I would accomplish such a goal. I had just finished reading Chase The Lion by Mark Batterson and was inspired to set a God sized goal and live out my verse of the year Romans 12. The Lion Chaser Manifesto hit me hard. I don’t want to live life like I am trying to arrive safely at death. I want to set God sized goals and pursue God given passions. His book inspired me on this journey. When I look back at my mission statement I am surprised by how little has changed. . I knew from the start that this journey wouldn’t be easy but I knew through prayer and intentional acts of giving, serving and loving others I could glorify him and hopefully inspire others.  
The last couple of days I have had a hard time being intentional or feeling that tug at my heart. The acts of kindness did not come easy. There were no open doors or moments I knew God was speaking to me. I was getting weary on my jounrney. 

Saturday evening, while Cesar and Mia went to the movies I went through all of Luna’s things. I am determined to continue giving away things in the house we don’t use as well as give away all of Luna’s things when she is done with them. I got several things together and found homes for it all. 

Sunday afternoon I dropped a bag of clothes off at a friends house for her baby granddaughter. My act of giving for the day. The rest of the things would be given away throughout the week. Could I really count one bag of clothes as my act of giving ? It felt anything but God sized. 

Today I was having a very frustrating day at work. I felt unappreciated and defensive. Then within five minutes of eachother I received two superstructure text messsgaes from friends I hadn’t talked to in a while that reminded me why I am on this journey. 

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I have been for our friendship! I know we don’t get to see each other often but you have truly been amazing to me and our community!😊


 Simple words of encouragement at exactly the right moment in time. There was no coincidence about it. God used them to encourage me. Then I was tagged in this post and if there were any doubt, I knew then that God’s timing is perfect and this journey I am on will continue to be successful if I put him at the center of every intentional act. 
Again God’s timing was perfect. I had no doubt in my mind that the little acts of giving were just as important and the big acts of serving. God wasn’t keeping score. He was planting seeds. Seeds I would most likely never see grow, but today I was reminded that even the small acts are big acts and God does not want me to grow weary. God’s timing is perfect. I needed the encouragement today. I know now that He is pleased with all acts as long as they are done for his Glory and not my own. Also Thai God sized goal is impossible without some Devine intervention. Here is to the next 288 days of serving, giving and loving.!!!!!


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