Day 75 – Chips and Salsa

I am not going to lie, I ate two baskets of chips and salsa Friday night. You see I invited a friend last minute to dinner for my act of kindness and we talked for almost two hours which means I ate a bunch of chips. But this dinner wasn’t planned. In fact it was spur of the moment. Our girls talked us into letting them go roller skating, I felt that tug at my heart, so I texted Jan and said let’s go eat Mexican while the girls skate. 

We often take for granted those friendships that mean the most to us. Jan is a one of a kind friend. The tell anything to friend. The cry and yell all in the same conversation friend. We can talk everyday or once a month and neither of us would question our friendship. If I fall I know she will be there to pick me up and I am so blessed because of that. 

I will admit we don’t get to spend enough time together. Inviting a friend out to dinner is an awesome act of kindness for both people involved. I was so glad I listened to that tug at my heart and went. 

We talked and talked and I left there feeling refreshed. Somtimes we just need to eat chips and salsa with our friends for the world to be alright! When we got done stuffing our faces I was going to pick up our check as my act of kindness for the day but she beat me to it. It was such a blessing considering every extra penny we have this week is going to send Mia to Florida. 

When I left dinner I was full both in my heart and my belly. I had been blessed by Jan’s company and buying me dinner. What started out as my act of kindness for the day turned into a huge blessing for me.

I encourgae you to meet a friend or a few for dinner this week. Meet for chips and salsa. Make time for those women in your life who got your back. Make a call, send a card. Lift them up in prayer. The grocery shopping, cleaning and errands can wait. Life is to short to not make time for friends. I am sure glad I did this week. 


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