Day 74 – The Set Up

I am not going to lie, 74 plus days into 365 days of serving, loving and giving and it isn’t always easy. So sometimes, when the moment arises, I set myself up for an act of kindness. 

For example, a couple of weeks ago an email went out from my church about our turn at the Soup Kitchen. One thing I love about Cornerstone Church is their commitment to supporting local ministries. I always try to help out when I can. So I signed up to bring ALL of the tortilla chips for the meal and told myself that would be my act of kindness for that day. 

Fast forward to the day of. The week had been crazy. Not only emotionally but work too. We had a snow day and I missed a day and was not going to be in my class again because of a training. Not only that, but it was a two hour delay and now my plans for the afternoon had changed because I would be in a training.

I felt terrible for my aides. The two hour delay schedule made my schedule crazy. I had kids in several different grades who would all have different lunch and specialty times, plus another sub in the class, and my students with Autism have a hard time with changes in their routines. One of my aides had had a particularly tough day Wednesday so I decided I would buy her a Take 5 candy bar (which I got her addicted to) and write her a note of appreciation. My act of kindness for the day.  I went to my training, had lunch with my fellow special education teachers, and made it back just in time to pick up Kendal from school. I went home and rescued my mom from watching Luna and quickly got her down for a nap. I was laying next to her in bed, waiting for Cesar to get home so I could go tutor and the phone rang. When I saw who it was I immediately knew what I had done!! 

I forgot about the chips! I was signed up for all the chips. They would be serving in ten minutes and wanted to know if I would be there soon. 

A wave of panic came over me. What was intended as an easy set up for my daily act of kindness had now sent me into full panic mode. I told them I would be there as soon as possible and luckily they had one bag of chips to use until I got there!! As soon as Cesar got home I went to Oldtown market and bought all the tortilla chips I could carry. I got them to the soup kitchen just in time. Apologizing for forgetting and making them panic. 

As I drove on to tutoring I realized something. What I thought was an easy set up for my act of kindness was not what God had in mind. He had laid it on my heart to write a note to my aide and get her a sweet treat. That was my act of kindness. Although getting the chips for the soup kitchen was important , and I would continue to provide, it was not meant to be my act for the day. There is no easy set up when it comes to serving, loving and giving. You have to be intentional and listen for that tug at your heart. Like the Bible says in 1 PeterLet God’s presence be evident in all that you do so that he may get all the credit. Even when you mess up and try to give yourself and easy set up to serve God 😜


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