Day 73 – Live Inspired

Wednesday was a tough day. I spent a lot of time in prayer for our little community. Due to a bunch of things that were out of my control, I was at home with the kids all day. At 2pm we watched the service for Officer Curtis Bartlett online. It was such a wonderful celebration of a life that inspired others to live. 

That evening I drove Mia to swim practice and reflected on the words of those who knew Curtis the best. I could not help but think about how I could honor his legacy and his family. I was encouraged by the words spoken about his dedication to fitness. I thought about my own fitness journey and the long break I had been on since getting pregnant and having little Luna. I decided I would work out while Mia swam. No excuses, no matter how tired I was. So even though I really didn’t want to, I got on the elliptical for 30 minutes, inspired by Curtis. After my workout I headed to get a coffee and run some errands. While at Starbucks I decided to pick up a gift card and give it out to the next police officer I saw to Thank them for their service and to honor Deputy Bartlett. Random acts of kindness are my favorite. So I put the gift card into my pocket in hopes of running into a police officer somewhere. I ran to Walmart, Panera, Sheetz and no police officer on sight. Usually I run into them everywhere in Christiansburg but that night was not my night. Mia and I even drove through the parking lot of the Christiansburg police station but no luck. I put the card in my purse and we drove home. 

The next day I had a training at Central Office. We were two hours late and I already had a couple acts of kindness planned for the day (See Day 74 the set up). I dropped Kendal at school and off to my meeting I went. When I got to the government building I spotted a gentlemen in uniform and remembered the card in my purse. I pulled it out and quickly handed it to him , “This was meant for you” I said as I handed it to him and jumped in the elevator. I am not even sure where he was a police officer for or what kind. That didn’t matter. I knew there must be a reason I hadn’t seen one until that moment. God’s timing is always perfect and I knew there had to be a good reason I didn’t get that card passed out the night before. 

See we never know when God will give us the opportunity to serve others. Sometimes my days are full of small acts, some days I wonder how I will ever get it done. But I was reminded today that God isn’t keeping score. Like Bob Goff said, 

God doesn’t bookmark our failures, He celebrates our attempts.‬

I am more than 73 days into this journey of serving, loving and giving to others and my life has changed in ways I would have never imagined and can only be explained by knowing God is in control and b choosing to be intentional about loving others. I encourgae you to treat a police officer or first responder over the coming weeks. 


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