Day 71 – Amazon Smile 😀

I love Amazon and Amazon prime. Free two day shipping on everything from books to diapers. Not to mention Amazon music, videos, and photos. Amazon is where I do most of my shopping.  So when I found out about Amazon Smile I knew it would be a great way to give back while I shop! 

It is simple. You make purchases and Amazon makes donations to a charity of your choice. All you need to do is be on the Amazon Smile website. So for my act of kindness Monday, I ordered my husband some MCT oil and Amazon made a 0.5% donation to Cornerstone Church.

I encourage you to use Amazon Smile if you shop on Amazon. There are a number of local ministries and charities you can support.

I encourage you to pick a local ministry in Galax and support it through Amazon Smile if you already shop on Amazon. It is an easy way to give back. Better yet surprise someone with a present, a favorite book, a movie or a game while at the same time supporting a local ministry. This week has been hard. Do something good while sharing with others and giving back to our community. Small acts of kindness add up to big love. 


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