Day 70- Spare Change 

On Saturday night Mia had an idea. She saw on the internet how someone had left change at a vending machine as an act of kindness and thought I should do that. Sunday Morning while I was at church I remembered what Mia had said and decided to do it. Sometimes giving, serving and loving doesn’t need to be complicated. Loving people should be easy and sincere. So on Sunday afternoon I gathered up my spare change and put it envelopes with a little note. On my way to life group I stopped at our local market and plastered the envelopes all over it. It was a simple act of kindness, inspired by my daughters idea. I used old envelopes and spare change. Being kind doesn’t have to be complicated. One thing I have realized about committing to 365 days of intentional acts of kindness, serving and loving is that it doesn’t always have to be big or even cost money but as long as you are sincere  and showing love towards others , these acts turn into blessings for everyone involved. 

When I picked Mia up from swim practice this evening I drove her by the vending machine to show her that I used her idea. It made her so proud. It made her feel like her ideas matter. There were two envelopes left. I knew that whoever got them was supposed to get them and that God had a plan for that spare change. 

I will never know who got those envelopes and if they bought a drink. Sometimes when we plant seeds we don’t get to see them grow but we will always harvest what we plant. Planting blessings continues to lead to blessings in my life. I encourage you to plant your seeds, pray over them and count the blessings of the harvest. 


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