Day 69 – The Inner Germaphobe 

Saturday we spent all day watching Mia swim in the Virginia Age Group Championship at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. It was a long weekend with early wake ups and lots of emotion. Saturday was especially long with Mia making it back to finals in the evening. The days are even longer now that Luna is older, mobile and more alert. She used to take some of the best naps at the pool. We could roll her right onto the pool deck and she would sleep right through the 500 Free. This germaphobe mom has a hard time just letting Luna crawl around on the floor at the pool. But by day 3 of the meet, she was tired of being in my arms for 6 hours at a time and I let her have her freedom. 

Luna crawled around and walked around holding my hands all morning. She went up to every person who smiled at her. I turned off my germaphobe inner voice and let her be. I quickly realized that by letting Luna smile, laugh and touch people at the pool I was loving them through her. With Luna’s lead we met other moms, grandparents, siblings and coaches from all over the state. Luna was showing me how to interact with others. I took her lead and smiled to everyone we passed. Luna can light up a room and brings joy to everyone she meets. 

I am not saying that you should let every person you encounter hold your baby. I am just saying that Babies are such a blessing and bring so much joy to people. I know now that I can let Luna smile, wave and hug people and it will lift their mood. My act of love for that day was to share the joy of Luna with all the people we came into contact with. I was blessed by all the conversations I had with other moms and kids. 

When we came back to the pool for finals Luna was a hot mess. She was dirty and tired. When they played the national anthem she sang right along which just tickled an older gentleman sitting in front of us. When he left he told her “just keep singing”. This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions both at the pool and in our community. The one constant was Luna’s smile and the love she showed people. 

Mia and her teammates are heading to Florida this Sunday for a national swim meet. I can’t wait to hear all about the experience and hopefully these smiles will shine all week. 

 Monday at work I was blesssed with a donation to help with Mia’s trip. I can not explain to you how many times on this journey that God has blessed me, my family or my friends. I have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness and generosity towards me, my family and others. I am continually reminded of God’s love. Fill your life with love and devotion and watch what pours from your life. 


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