Day 68 – The Thin Blue Line 

There is not much more I can say about Deputy Curtis Bartlett that hasn’t been said already. His loss has been felt around our community and the world. Curtis’ life was tragically cut short while serving the community he loved. My students were especially fond of his visits to our classroom and of course when he brought Tyco to visit .

There have been several interviews and stories written about Curtis over the past couple of days. Emily Brown talked about the impact Curtis had on her young son, family and the community in an interview on Channel 7.
Emily said it best when she quoted Curtis “When something affects the family , it affects the whole family”, referring to when Curtis shaved his head in support of her son Mighty Max and his battle with cancer. 

The loss of Deputy Curtis has affected the family, the whole family. He comes from a very close knit family who has ties throughout the community. His grandparents Jack and Claudia Jalo are especially close to my heart. Jack serves as an elder at our church. My heart aches for everyone whose life has been touched by Curtis. 

I struggle with even putting into words what kind of impact Curtis had on this community. When I was reading all the tributes written to him Friday I came across a company called The Thin Blue Line that was selling bracelets as a fundraiser with the profits going to Officer  Bartlett’s   family. I knew what my act of kindness for the day would be. I ordered a bracelet for Curtis’ Grandfather Jack and sent him a message telling him about it.

It was a small act of kindness to honor a larger than life hero.

In times of tragedy people want to show their sympathy and support. We often don’t know what to do. How do you honor the legacy of someone like Curtis who impacted so many people. I challenge you to be kind to someone this week. Show your support for law enforcement, first responders, doctors, and nurses. Do a random act of kindness. Be kind to  stranger. Donate to a church, a ministry, a company you believe in. Volunteer somewhere, call someone you love, write a letter. I challenge you to do an intentional act of giving, serving and loving over the next several weeks to honor Deputy Curtis Bartlett. Continue to pray for the family and all those he loved. Pray for the community and those around the world who are affected by this loss. Pray that God will comfort all those who mourn his loss. 

There is not greater sacrifice than to lay down your own life in the service of others. Curtis loved his family, friends and this community. He will truly be missed.

To honor his legacy, the Bartlett family is establishing a non-profit organization called Police Fitness – the mission of which will be to honor Curtis’ legacy by providing fitness training, education, and supplementation to police officers. You can make a donation to Police Fitness by making a check out to Police Fitness and mailing it to 1024 E Stuart Drive, Galax, VA 24333 – or, alternatively, by making an online donation at


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