Day 67 – Kindness is Contagious 

One thing I have learned on this journey of 365 days of serving, loving and giving is that kindness is contagious. Just like bad moods can spread like wild fire, small acts of kindness can infect your mood and catch on. 

Thursday I ran to Sheetz to get a coffee because it was a three cup of coffee kind of day and I decided to pick up drinks for several of my coworkers while I was there for my act of kindness. I don’t know if I am just noticing more, but it seems like the acts of kindness were flowing freely around my school. The day before I came to school to find a coffee on my desk. Earlier this week a coworker stopped and picked up McDonald’s for several of us, another bought us candy, someone else shared their lunch. The more people give and treat eachother with love, the more people tend to help eachother out.  When you are always looking for ways to serve others, even in the workplace, your whole perspective changes. 

Let’s be honest, it is much easier to serve those we like. To serve those in our inner circle, our friends. But God wants us to serve all people , even our enemies. I love how The Message translates Luke 6:27-30Let your enemies bring out the best in you. I am going to try to do an act of kindness this week for someone I might not agree with or get along with every often. I challenge you to do the same. Whether it is at work or somewhere you frequent, try to complete a random act of kindness  for someone who isn’t on your same page. I would love to hear about your stories. Treating  others how you want to be treated is right up there in my number one rules. The first rule being to always live generously. I want to be know for giving out love generously and loving my enemies as well. I hope you will join my in spreading kindness and pray everyone catches it!


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