Day 66 – Criminal minds 

For some weird reason the first time I wrote this post it disappeared. It’s late and I am tired so it might not be as good as the original. 

March, the longest month ever. No days off, no snow, SOL tests, IEPs, spring fever. And let’s not forget the yearbook!! Teachers love it and hate it all in the same breath.  I am not sure I will never get caught up.One thing I do love about my job is my coworkers who help me get through tough days. This week was rough. If it could happen it did. So to lift my mentee teachers spirits I brought them a little Hump Day Treat on Wednesday. It is amazing how much a muffin and coffee can lift your spirits. These ladies are two of the hardest working teachers in the school. Not only are they newer teachers, but they have a couple of the most challenging jobs! I can’t not say enough good things about them. 

What this week made me realize was that my attitude really does control how I react to things. I have had some things go missing in my classroom including an expensive piece of one of my robots, but instead of getting mad I let one of my students tried to solve the case. He loves being a detective so he dressed up in his detective outfit, made a sign for the “criminal minds” behind the act to hold in their mug shot, and he questioned some people at school. At last he found the suspects. This is why I love my school. The teaches embrace each student and their unique qualities. They are willing to take mug shots and play along. Not only do they take mug shots but they buy extra snacks, keep spare clothes, help build projects, donate books, buy pizza kits, hang up pictures drawn especially for them, take care of fake pets, dance like no one is looking and walk kids hand in hand to the nurse when they are sick. 

I wish I could buy a muffin and a coffee for every teacher in the building everyday. They all deserve it. I encourage you to bring you child’s teacher a treat this Wednesday! There is nothing like a sweet treat to help you make it through the week because we all know there is no kind of tired like teacher tired.


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