Day 64 – Love Lives Here

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Love Lives Here By Maria Goff I loved the book Love Does by her husband Bob Goff . Bob’s book is one of the books that inspired me on this journey! One of my favorite quotes is the following: 

I want to give out love abundantly. I want to succeed at the things that really matter. Giving, loving and serving others. I encourage you to pick up Bob’s book if you haven’t read it! I passed it on as soon as I finished it. 

I have been anxiously awaiting Love Lives Here. I joined the online group, follow Maria Goff on Facebook and Instagram. I applied to be part of the launch team. And although I wasn’t chosen to get an advanced copy of the book, the person who introduced me to Love Does did. For the past week or so he has posted quotes from the book. It just made me want to read it more. So on Monday night I went online to preorder my copy coming out the next day. While I was reading the reviews and putting the book into my shopping cart I had an idea. I would buy three copies, one for myself and one for each of the aides in my classroom. We could have our own little book club. 

I feel so blessed to share a classroom with two ladies who are mothers, Christians and treat our students with respect and love. As soon as I ordered the books, at 10pm that night, I sent them a text and told them: 

Today for my act of Kindness I just ordered this book for all of us! It will be like our own little book club!

If you want to join us order the book today! Order one for a friend! We can all use a little more love in this world!!! 


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