Day 63 – A Phone Call

Sunday I spent the morning snowboarding with Kendal. It was the perfect morning. We had the best time just him and I. We went up and down the mountain, we talked while we road the chair lift, we rode until we were tired and sore. Then we went to Chili’s for Kendal’s favorite ribs and molten lava cake. He said outloud “I am happy”. Tired and full we drove home from the slopes. The hot sun beating through the windows. Our faces a little sun burned. A slight pain in my back reminding me how much harder it is to snowboard at 40. When we got closer to home the car got quiet. Kendal had given into the day and fallen asleep. I was getting sleepy too! I was thinking about my week when my former aide , Mr. Beamer popped into my head. 

Mr. Beamer was my aide from day 1 of my teaching career. He retired last March. I was happy for him but sad at the same time as every memory I have teaching is with him. He knew all my former students. He shared all the memories. He had been there on the good days and the bad. He will forever hold a big place in my memory and heart.

Since he has retired he has had some health issues. These issues have required treatment and this past week he ended up in the hospital. As Kendal was sleeping in the back seat I thought about calling him. The thing is I almost didn’t pick up the phone. In this day and age of text messages and messenger apps, it seems like we hear other people’s voices less and less. I love to talk to people and I used to love to talk on the phone . But the older and busier I get, the less I call anyone. 

But that little voice that can only come from God told me to call. I didn’t know if he was out of the hospital but I thought I would give it a shot. Mr. Beamer and I talked for 30 minutes and we could have talked longer. We talked about his health, his new deck, food, coffee, the students and a bunch of other random things. Just like old times. I got off that phone with a huge smile and in a much better mood.

I could have kicked myself for almost not picking up the phone. Those 30 minutes were anything but a waste of time. I am so thankful that I listened to that little voice. Please take time to pray for Mr. Beamer, his doctors, his family and healing. Take the time to listen to the little voice inside you. Pick up the phone, call the important people in your life, show them you care. You never know why that little voice is there but I assure you it is for a reason. 


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