Day 62 – A cup of coffee

Saturday was our last Upward Games of the season. Kendal has been playing since he was four years old. I love coaching him and sharing my love for the game with him. I have also been coaching with Galen Goad since Kendal was four. Galen is such a great coach. He is knowledgable and patient. He makes practice fun while at the same time working on skills. Cesar and has coached soccer with Galen for 6 years now. Kendal has played on his baseball team for several years also. Kendal loves Galen and his boys. He only plays basketball and baseball to be with them. We are so blessed to have them as friends. 

Galen also volunteers a lot. He does all the sound for our church (his wife is on our praise team), he volunteer coaches multiple sports, and this year he spent a lot of his time as a referee for Upward. Our last game was this Saturday and it was a double header. It was the last two games of the day starting at 2:30. Galen had been at the gym most of the day and the night before as a ref. He willingly gives his time to help the program out. 

During our first game I heard Galen say something that is a great example of how he coaches all the time. Our team was winning and he told our kids to try and help two of our kids score and that “their main assignment was to say something nice and compliment the players on the other team.” What people don’t hear in the stands is how he is always encouraging his players to try their best, have fun, smile and be good sports. He continued to yell out to our team “remember the assignment”. No one in the stands knew what he meant. But his players did and that is what matters. 

When I ran home at half time to drop off our puppy and get Luna a bottle, I had the idea to bring Galen back a fresh, hot cup of coffee. We share a mutual love for coffee and I wanted to do something nice for all he does for our kids. When I brought it to him he kind of looked at me funny. It was out of the blue and I think caught him off gaurd. He was thankful and I was happy to serve him as a thank you for all the service he has done for our kids. 

Before you judge coaches and players, remember that you don’t know what the coaches are saying to their players at time out or in huddles. Coaches are volunteers and players are kids. I hope we continue to play sports with the Goads for years to come and that Galen continues to coach. Because when he gives an “assignment” it involves good sportsmanship, fun and encouragement and that is the kind of coach I want for my kids!!!!


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