Day 61 – For the Love of the Game

This past weekend was the last weekend for our local Upward Basketball games. Upward is a great organization that teaches not only skills but focuses on Christian values. . We first got involved with Upward when Mia was 4 years old. At that time she was trying all kinds of different sports, including swimming. I grew up playing basketball, played in high school and loved the sport. I really wanted a basketball player in the family. Time would tell that basketball wasn’t Mia’s sport. We quickly realized swimming was her thing and soccer and dance continue to be her other favorites. Kendal also started playing Upward basketball when he was four , he loves soccer and mostly plays basketball to be with his friends. 

This year the aide in my classroom’s daughter decided to play Upward. Her mom talked to me about how much she loved the sport. Maggie is this cute, petite thing who is quiet as a mouse. I was so happy to hear she was enjoying the game. 

Since this was the last weekend of games I decided as my act of kindness for the day I would go watch Maggie’s game. Kendal and I made her a little care package and headed to the gym. Once we got to the gym we totally surprised Maggie and her family. Christi, her mom, is my new aide. I just love her. She has been a blessing to our classroom. I was so glad I could come support Maggie in her last game. Anything I can do to encourage a Love for the Game and support the people in my life makes me happy!I had a lot of fun! I knew several of the kids and Kendal had a blast hanging out with his friends. 

Sometimes serving others can be so simple. This weekend I focused on simple acts of service, giving and love. Relationships trump things. Invest time into the people in your life. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

In the spirit of basketball I am going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite players (I cried both time he retired ).  


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