Day 60 – School Support

Being a teacher is a hard job. I am sure you all agree, long hours, little pay and no resources. Being a teacher is a calling. No one does it for the money or recognition. I certainly do not. It takes the right person to teach kindergarten as much as 5th grade. You have to have a love for the kids as well as the job. 

But teachers aren’t the only ones who make a school. The principal, custodians, cafeteria workers, office staff, nurse, paraprofessionals and specialty teachers all play a part in each student’s education. The interactions they have with the adults in the school shape their love of learning and inspire them to do their best. It takes a village of people working together to help every student reach their full potential. 

At our school we also have outside companies who come in and work in our schools to offer additional support to students in need. One of these companies is Family Preservation Services. These counselors  work hand in hand with teachers to offer support both in the classroom and in small group sessions. These students often have behavior and/or emotional needs that can’t be met by the classroom teacher alone. Having these counselors in the school is a great service for not only the kids but the parents. I don’t know a single parent who does not want the best for their child, but I do know several parents who don’t have the support system that many of us parents are blessed with. 

I have had the privelage of working closely with several of our FPS staff over the years. Some of my most challenging students have received their services. Having a team of adults working to provide the best possible solutions for our students is a win win. 

On Thursday for my act of kindness I wrote a note to each of our FPS counselors and included a sweet treat. I wanted to let them know they were appreciated. I know I have needed their support and the kids they work with just love them to death. 

When we take time to lift other people in our workplace up, it creates an environment where people feel appreciated and can work better together. I am not saying everyone is going to agree on everything all the time, but when we appreciate and respect eachother, it is much easier to come up with solutions that put the needs of the students first. 

Which brings me back to Romans 12. My verse of the year. My inspiration for this journey. My playbook for how I want to live my life loving and serving others.Our school is blessed with so many people who want what is best for every student. They each have unique gifts that should be celebrated and lifted up. For when we act as many different parts working together as one, we can accomplish so much more. I encourage you to lift up the people in the schools in your community. Acknowledge their gifts. Together, as one body, they can make a difference in every child’s life.


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