Day 59 – One Hour

There are 24 hours in a day, so why is it so hard to set aside one hour. One hour to workout, one hour to read, one hour to clean or one hour to volunteer. Time is one of our most precious resources. It can never be replaced, yet time is one of the things we have the most trouble setting aside. Since the birth of Luna, time is moving much faster. A baby, turning 40, kids activities, church, work, I blinked and a year has almost gone by. 

Luna changed our lives for the better. She is the most precious baby, full of life and curiosity. We may be sleeping less but we are living more. But change can be hard and there was a lot of change when Luna was born. I was prepared for it. What I wasn’t prepared for and didn’t think about was how much it would change our other kids lives, especially Kendal. 

Mia is always gone. Swimming takes up all of her free time. I used to do most of the driving to swim practice and we traveled as a family. With the addition of little Luna that all changed. Now Cesar and Mia are gone all the time. That leaves Kendal with Luna and I. He is my right hand man. He is also very close with Luna and loves her to death. He is the baby whisperer. 

But he misses when it was just us. The lounging and watching a movie, the game nights, going for bike rides, going snowboarding. He is a mamas boy and although he loves little Luna more than anything, he misses how it was before she came. So on Wednesday night since Mia had a ride to practice and Cesar was home, for my act of love and service for the day I decided to dedicate one hour to Kendal. No phone, no dishes in between, no folding clothes or straightening up. All that would wait. For One hour I would give him ALL my attention. I would let him choose what we did and Luna would be in the room, fast alseep with her dad.

We spent the whole hour playing a variety of board games. I was surprised by what he chose to play. Games we hadn’t played in a year. We had the best time laughing and playing. After the hour was up I had planned to do the dishes and fold the clothes but Kendal asked me to cuddle on the couch and watch Duck Dynasty (yes Kendal and I love that show) and I just couldn’t resist . Because for just one night it was like it used to be. That night was something special. The next day I told him that he was my act of kindness for the day. He said he wondered why I was paying so much attention to him and not Luna. I explained to him that I understood that Luna’s arrival into our family had changed his life a lot and that I was going to try and make more time for just me and him. He loved that idea but said he would never change our family because he loves it just the way it is. 

Kendal is a true gift from God. He is wise  beyond his years when it comes to loving others. He loves me and our family. Although he misses the way things used to be, he knows that we love him, Luna and Mia all the same. He loves God, his family and his friends. Kendal is a super special kid. I am lucky to be his mom . He has taught me so much about what love is. I encourage you to spend one hour of uninterrupted time with someone you love. Kids, spouse, parents, friends, coworkers. Show them how much they mean to you. One hour may not seam like a lot of time but it can mean the world to the person you are spending it with. One hour, one out of 24, just one. 


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