Day 58 – Pizza Delivery  and a Subway blessing! 

Everyone I know is having babies. Everyone! All girls too! Luna is going to have plenty of little friends to play with. One thing I love about Cornerstone Church is the support it shows new moms! We were truly blessed by everyone before and after we had Luna. One way we bless families with new babies is with meals. We use a program called Take Them a Meal to make a meal schedule that allows people to sign up to provide meals for any occasion. It is easy to use and once the schedule is made you can email it out or send a Facebook messageto get  people to sign up. 

This past month we had two people have babies. I helped to make one of the schedules. I signed up to provide the meals for both the families this past Tuesday (Pay Day). Tuesday was a very long day. We had all the principals in the county at our school and my class did a little presentation on the technology we are using in our class. It went well besides one broken plant. That same day we had parent teacher conferences which required us to stay until 6pm at school. By the time I left school  with Kendal and Luna in tow, it was raining and dark. We went to RJS , picked up pizza and salads and mapped out our journey. 

We drove 30 miles around town delivering pizzas. Kendal was in charge in the back seat. This is what I found on my phone the next day when I asked him to take a picture of the pizza for my blog!

Kendal was hungry but he never once complained. He even went out in the rain to deliver the food at one of our stops because Luna was asleep in the car. He has a true servants heart and I am blessed to be his mom. 

By the time we delivered all the food and got back to town it was 7pm. Mia and Cesar were in Christiansburg at swim practice. Kendal and I decided to drive thru Subway and head home. I knew I had enough points on my card to get a foot long for free. When I looked at my receipt in Danville after treating that couple to lunch (See Day 55 Random Acts) I had 99 points and a foot long is 75. We ordered our food and pulled up to pay at the window. I handed the cashier my cards and told him I had enough points to get our sandwich for free. A moment later he opened up the drive thru window and said I had enough points to get our whole meal free. How was that possible? I knew I only had 99 points, he said no you have close to 200, you can get all your food free. I laughed out loud. What a blessing. Kendal and I knew it was no coincidence. I had treated that couple to Subway and delivered families food all evening. God was blessing us for blessing others. There was no other way to explain it! The Bible says God will bless us abundantly God blessed Kendal and I that evening. When I got home I looked for my original receipt from Danville but it wa gone. I didn’t need it anyway. Kendal and I knew that there was only one explanation for the blessing. God’s timing is perfect. This journey of 365 days of serving has blessed me and my family in ways I could have never imagined. Being able to see God move and work in so many lives. I encourgae you to take the time to bless others and I promise you that God will bless you abundantly so that you can continue to do good works to Glorify him. 


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